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Helpful Information
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Antique Buying Tips

What To Look For When Buying A Perfume Bottle

A. Determine that the stopper and base belong together.
  1. Very often the design patterns are the same on the stopper and the base.
  2. Stoppers and bases are often different colors; check the fit of the stopper into the base. They should "lock". The stopper should seat properly and not wobble or rock.
  3. The dowel of the stopper should seat below the lip of the base.
B. Acid Marks
  1. Most Czech bottles are acid marked. However some are not.
  2. Most common marks are oval Made in Czechoslovakia, circle Made in Czechoslovakia, and block raised lettering, Made in Czechoslovakia.
  3. Hoffman signed his bottles with an opened wing butterfly.
  4. Ingrid signed bottles with a cursive lettered "Ingrid", and Made in Czechoslovakia.
C. Condition
  1. Dauber-If the original dauber is intact it increases the value of the bottle. Don't pass up a wonderful bottle if it is special and you love it, as the value changes approximately 5%. Daubers were applied at the factory after the bottles were made
  2. Repairs-Repairs should be disclosed before the purchase is completed. Any reputable dealer will answer all questions honestly. Repairs can substantially change the value of the bottle. If the bottle is so rare and desirable it may be worth buying anyway. DeVilbiss Imperial bottles for example will often have cracked or damaged bases, yet they are so highly sought after and rare that they are still worth buying.
  3. Inspect the bottles carefully.
D. Reproductions
  1. Educate yourself! Look, inspect and touch as many authentic bottles as you can. You will soon be able to spot many reproductions. Be aware, many reproductions are being more skillfully crafted than before. Czech republic mark is a new bottle.
  1. Atomizer head should screw in all the way leaving no space between the head and the collar.
  2. Do your homework. Learn the differences between European and American hardware and bottles. Many are very similar. Your best investment is reference books!
  3. Watch for replacement hardware. It will affect the value of your investment.
  4. Tiny nicks or scratches in the hardware or the glass can be acceptable, especially in a rare and very valuable bottle. However huge cracks, chips or dents will greatly affect the value of the bottle.
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